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Sliding Doors

If you have to put force to close your Richmond Hill sliding doors, perhaps it’s time you talk with our team. Do that without hesitation, knowing that we are true experts in slide doors & all services. Do that without delay, if we are talking about sliding patio doors. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you’ll feel safe again.

We are at your disposal for any sliding door service in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The service list includes all possible needs – from repairs and routine inspection to evaluating the extent of problems and installing a new sliding door at a property. What is your service request at this point?

Richmond Hill sliding doors are swiftly repaired

Sliding Doors

Whatever is wrong with your sliding doors, Richmond Hill technicians are appointed to your service as soon as you need it. Always fast. Have no doubt about that. Even problems with low-risk, interior sliding doors are addressed quickly – let alone problems with patio doors.

What’s your current problem? Cannot lock the patio sliding door? Is this a problem with an interior slide door? Is the glass of your slide door shattered?

We are at your service for sliding door repair and replacements. A tech comes right out and fully prepared to fix problems with any component – the track, for example, or the lock. To also replace parts. Or, do you want the sliding door replaced?

Time to have the sliding patio doors replaced?

If your sliding glass doors have seen better days and decide to replace them, tell us all about it. We assure you that we are well aware that oftentimes, such requests are quite urgent. They always are when the sliding door in question is a main entry point. So, we never wait and neither should you. If you think it’s time to get a new sliding door, go right ahead and let our team know. Custom Windows & Doors Richmond Hill is at your service.

Want sliding doors installed at a new home?

What we do with replacements, we also do with new sliding door installation requests. That’s to send pros to measure, check the structure, offer solutions, answer questions, offer a free estimate. As it’s clear by now, our company can be trusted for the replacement of the existing slide doors but also the installation of slide doors in projects, like remodeling or new constructions. So, have no concerns about these things.

We provide sliding doors of all dimensions and styles. The materials are plenty too and if you want glass, the glazing options, especially for main entry doors – like patio doors, are enough to cover all needs for good energy efficiency. The vital thing is that whichever sliding door you choose, it’s installed in a proficient manner. Say no to anything less than that by turning to us if you are looking for sliding doors in Richmond Hill and installers.