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About Us

The presence of our door and window installation company in Richmond Hill, Ontario, should fill you with relief. Whether you are in the process of building a home and want windows and house doors installation or remodeling and need to have some windows or doors replaced, we are at your service.

With Custom Windows & Doors Richmond Hill by your side, all anxieties involved in such projects go away. You feel that the moment you make contact with us and this confidence of yours builds up as the project carries on. Do you know why? Because we do every little thing by the book and to your full satisfaction. And we are going to show you what we mean by these things so that you will understand why we are the team you can completely trust with your door and window installation service in Richmond Hill.

Custom windows & doors, Richmond Hill’s best team for personalized advice

To suggest – and ultimately provide, the best custom windows and doors, Richmond Hill’s best team takes action. When you turn to our company for a window or door installation service, you don’t only get great products but products that really make a difference in your life. This is incredibly important and one of the basic things that defines our door and window installation Richmond Hill company.

You see, your home is like no other in regard to its location, orientation, size, structure. And we can say the same thing about your style. But all such factors are vital when it comes to selecting windows and doors. How else would you be sure the front door will be resistant, durable, energy efficient?

Whether you want front door installation or some windows replaced, we pay attention to all variables that are important – the climate, the building’s direction, your taste. And only then do we offer consultation, helping you choose among windows, doors, frames, insulation products, designs. Expect nothing less than excellent customer service when you turn to our truly dedicated window and door installation Richmond Hill team.

Whether you want window installation or door installation, you get excellence

What comes next? The actual window and door installation service. And it’s, perhaps, the most important phase of the entire project. Yes, it’s vital that you get the most suitable windows, the best doors – even for indoors. But what’s a good front door if it is not installed properly? How much energy will a window save you if it’s not setup air tight?

With expert window installers, you don’t worry about such things. With expert door installers, you don’t have concerns even if this is a bathroom, a kitchen, or a bedroom door.

With our team, you don’t worry – period. All steps required are taken with great thoroughness, right from the start and all the way to the completion of the project. So, don’t overthink it. If you intend to get custom windows & doors in Richmond Hill and wouldn’t say no to great consultation, even greater installation, come to the experts. Suffices to make one call to us.